The Vision

New Life Academy wants to help eradicate poverty through education and wishes to deal directly with educational, health, cultural and environmental issues of the WaArusha people (they are a settled part of the Masai tribe).


New Life Academy has encountered challenges that need to be dealt with.
Such as what to do with children and their families health issues and how to secure secondary education for the children that graduates from primary school.
The school will as soon as the infrastructure is there, start to implement and offer secondary education for the children leaving 7th grade.
The school will also according to its ability offer health courses for the local community that deals directly with the community’s health issues.
As infrastructure and resources permit, NLA will continue to implement and unfold the planned projects.

How and what will happen

Through pre-primary and primary education the school deals with the difficulties of the community.
New Life Academy puts a priority on helping the impoverished, marginalized orphanage children of the local community. The school keeps a special focus on girls and children with health issues. 
It is expected that the educational standard of the children of the local community will rise and that the living standard of the local community will rise. That the health, cultural and environmental issues that the local community battles will fade.

The History

New Life Academy was started in 2001 by the mission New Life Outreach. During the missions interaction with the local community the difficulties of the community became obvious to the mission.
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